FUNERGY: The enCOMPASS game for energy education

A game to teach children the importance of using energy intelligently, because “less energy, smarter living”

FUNERGY is a simple card game, integrated with an APP developed by the Politecnico di Milano, designed to engage groups of kids in a fun way and introduce some of the key themes that concern energy.

At the heart of the game we have the new European Energy Scale, which serves to identify the energy consumption of our appliances, but not only.

Starting from the lowest level of the scale and playing the cards in a smart way, the kids will reach the highest level of energy efficiency, collaborating all together to achieve this goal. Every time time players reach a new level of the scale a Piggy bank card will be dealt to them, representing the savings achieved by reducing energy consumption and the points earn with in the game.

In some moments of the game, answering to some simple questions using the free APP provided, will help the players reaching their goal faster.

We are very excited,  looking forward to play and learn about energy efficiency with generations of the future.

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