Pilots were selected to assess the effectiveness of the enCOMPASS system under the following conditions:
• 3 different climate zones (humid continental, hot-summer Mediterranean, continental subarctic)
• 3 different building types (residential buildings, schools, office buildings)
• 3 different cultural settings (central European, Mediterranean, sub-alpine European)
Climate differences must be addressed to establish the effectiveness of the enCOMPASS approach. First, the perceived necessity of consuming energy can vary in differnt climate conditions. Second, differences in climate can result in different environmental beliefs, and thus the perceived urgency of saving energy. Also, differences between building types must be considered as they yield different saving potentials. Third, differences in cultural factors can influence environmental beliefs and the propensity to save energy. Regarding technological infrastructure, all selected buildings share the same conditions (e.g., all will have smart meters, smart home sensors, use electric heating).

Pilots details: