enCOMPASS Plenary Meeting, Athens 29th March

Day 2: March 29 2019, WATT+VOLT Headquarters visit

On March 29, a plenary meeting was hosted by WATT+VOLT in the company Headquarters in Athens, which are one of the testbeds for the Greek Pilot. The partners visited the main building of WATT+VOLT and get a great sit-down, where all ongoing topics were discussed and issues regarding the work packages were resolved.

The enCOMPASS project is due for completion at the end of this year 2019, which means that every plenary meeting is of great importance in order to smooth out all details of the project.

Plenary session at the W+V headquarters in Athens, Greece

Day 2: March 29 2019, NHRF visit

Final stop at the 3rd public building taking part in the Greek pilot, the National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF). The building is located in the heart of Athens and plays a vital role in the data acquisition needed for the successful completion of the Greek pilot.

It has a big library with open access to everyone, where visitors, as well as employees, can also interact with the enCOMPASS app.

Representatives of the project consortium were guided by staff members to the library and the NHRF premises, where they had the opportunity to see the enCOMPASS APP for energy savings and the operation of the platform’s data rendering system.

enCOMPASS member in the NHRF Library

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