Politecnico di Milano is the leading Italian technical university. With the Dept. of Electronics, Information & Bioengineering and the Dept. of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering,
it leads WP4 Saving water by social awareness and WP9 Dissemination.  READ MORE ON POLIMI

SUPSI is the University of Applied Science of Southern Switzerland, with two institutes: IDSIA, the Dalle Molle Istitute for Artificial Intelligence, and ISAAC, the Institute for Applied sustainability to the Built Environment.
SUPSI will lead WP7 and will also be responsible for development of the energy disaggregation algorithms in WP3. READ MORE ON SUPSI



Stadtwerk Haßfurt GmbH, founded in 1955, is the municipal multi-utility supplying company of the administrative district of Haßfurt, providing electric energy, water, gas and heating to more than 9.500 households, companies and public buildings.
SHF is leading the German pilot in the project, READ MORE ON SHF

NABU (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union), is one of the oldest and largest environment associations in Germany.
NABU will play an important role in the requirements elicitation and in disseminating project results beyond the pilot users in Germany, READ MORE ON NABU





SES  is an industry which aims to develop innovative applications of multi-metering solutions and it is currently exploring the market for multi-utility (gas, electricity, water) smart metering solutions.
SES is leading the Swiss pilot, READ MORE ON SES

Set Mobile Srl is a SME specialised in real time solutions for business based on office and system integration. It will work mainly in WP6 (Platform Implementation and Integration), WP8 (Business Development). READ MORE ON SETMOB




CERTH/ITI is one of the leading Institutions of Greece in the fields of Informatics, Telematics and Telecommunications, with long experience in numerous European and national R&D projects.
CERTH is responsible for WP3 Energy consumption data sensing & collection, READ MORE ON CERTH

The European Institute for Participatory Media is a non-profit organization devoted to the study of new media ecosystems based on participatory content creation, delivery and utilization. It leads WP2 (requirements) and contributes to most of the project WPs. READ MORE ON EIPCM



ETHNIKO IDRYMA EREVNON / National Documentation Centre (EKT/NHRF) is the national institution for the aggregation, documentation and dissemination of S&T information.
NRHF will give access to their National Documentation Centre as the public building in the Greek pilot, READ MORE ON NHRF

WATT+VOLT S.A. is a Greek company providing integrated electricity services. The highly-experienced and qualified professionals of WATT+VOLT and its systematic investment in research and development of new products and services, account for a rapidly growing and highly innovative electricity provider.
WATT+VOLT is leading the Greek pilot, READ MORE ON WVT



Kaleidos Games  is focused on the development of any king of game or game concept, including gamification projects.
Kaleidos will be responsible for the game design in WP5, READ MORE ON KAL

Kauno Technologijos Universitetas (KTU) is the largest and oldest technological university in Lithuania, and one of the largest in the Baltic States.
KTU leads the analysis of energy saving behaviour determinants in WP2 and WP5, and leads the task on the validation methodology in WP7, READ MORE ON KTU



Gravity R&D, founded in 2007, is a recommender system vendor company providing cutting-edge recommendation solutions for its customers.
Gravity will lead the WP4 Context-aware collaborative recommendations for energy saving and indoor comfort control, READ MORE ON GRA

Paradox Engineering SA is a technology company that designs and markets solutions and services to unlock the value of data for smart industrial and urban networks in the Internet of Things (IoT) age.
Paradox leads the WP8 Impact, exploitation, and continuation, READ MORE ON PDX


WebRatio is a Third Party attached to Politecnico di Milano. WebRatio is a leading Italian company, established in 2001, operating in the Software Development market. Its mission is to allow enterprises to stand out in the Digital Business age, by exploiting the full potential of Mobile, IoT and Cloud technologies. READ MORE ON WEBRATIO