WATT+VOLT Press Conference

On May 3rd 2017, the enCOMPASS’ partner WATT+VOLT gave a press conference regarding the WATT+VOLT Flagship Store Opening.

During the conference, Mr. Konstantinos Arvanitis, Business Development Manager of WATT+VOLT, spoke about the company’s new objectives and said that “We (WATT+VOLT) are happy that our energy journey with the WATT+VOLT Retail Stores starts from Thessaloniki (Greece)”

The company’s 1st retail store gives the opportunity to engage more end-users to the enCOMPASS project, as project information and materials are going to be displayed on the WATT+VOLT flagship store to encourage the users to spend less energy while living comfortable environment.

Konstantinos Arvanitis (WVT) and Rallio Lepidou (Star TV Greece Journalist).


Konstantinos Arvanitis (WVT) , George Toulas (Parallaxi Magazine Publisher / Editor).


Konstantinos Arvanitis and WVT Flagship Store Sales Advisors.


Media Briefing.


Konstantinos Arvanitis press conference.


SmartWatt : Home Automation System demonstration.


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