Building energy efficiency: Research and Innovation workshop at EKT/NHRF

A significant event that promoted the visibility of the Encompass project was the Research & Innovation Workshop “Building Energy Efficiency”, which was organized on June 19th at EKT/NHRF premises by all seven (7) consortia currently carrying out projects in the field of energy efficiency on buildings funded under the EU commission research topic “Reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint by smart and sustainable use”.

The project consortia actually were co-organizers. They all presented their work and progress and raised key issues for discussion. The consortia had chance to present and share their project findings on behavioral change aimed at energy efficiency, discuss and propose innovative business models to stimulate and sustain energy efficiency, as well as exchange views on future opportunities in the upcoming research and innovation call for proposals in the context of the Horizon 2020 framework. Common issues faced by all projects as well as their different approaches were clearly demonstrated. There was also valuable networking and knowledge sharing.

The workshop had been an official “Energy Day”, part of the Sustainable Energy Week initiative of the European Commission of activities and events, which promote clean energy transition.

Videos of all presentations during the workshop can be found at the EKT/NHRF website under the following link :

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